The Independent Sophomore Plan

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This Plan is for students who want to continue to increase the amount of money saved by earning both their first and second years’ worth of college credits before officially enrolling as a degree-seeking student in the college where they plan to graduate. There are more than enough widely-accepted sources for accumulating college credits to easily continue the independent path for the first 60 hours.

The idea of students earning their first two years using various strategies is gaining wide acceptance, not only with students, but with colleges as well. Today, many well-known and respected schools offer classes to students who intend to later transfer their credits and graduate from another school. They appreciate the growth opportunity and welcome the revenue. They also hope these students will later choose their school as their degree-granting institution.

Good candidates for The Independent Sophomore Plan include –

  • Students with a need to further reduce their college costs
  • Independent minded college students hoping to work at their own pace the first two years
  • Students willing to be resourceful and create their own path
  • Those with rigid job schedules needing flexibility




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