The Independent Senior Plan

Choose Your Plan

There are currently three state colleges in the United States that grant fully-accredited degrees and require few, if any, additional courses from their institution. Although these colleges offer online courses of their own, it is the primary mission of these schools to work with students who have acquired college credit using other resources. Each of the colleges prescribe in detail the required credits for each of their degrees and the student is free to begin accumulating those hours however is best for their schedule and budget. Upon completion, students simply transfer their entire 120 credit hours for approval. Using this Plan, many students have earned their entire bachelors degree for less than $10,000, and a large percentage of graduates continue on to pursue a masters degree.

Good candidates for The Independent Senior Plan include –

  • Students with a tight budget or anyone hoping to spend a minimal amount on their degree
  • Resourceful students who don’t mind earning their entire degree independently
  • Those who might want to work at a faster pace than is possible with a traditional approach
  • Busy students whose only hope of earning a degree is with a flexible schedule
  • Students planning to complete a masters or doctoral degree and hoping to finish their bachelors quickly




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