The Independent Freshman Plan

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Each of the next four Plans will be introducing the concept of independently accumulating college credits before enrolling as a “degree-seeking student” in the college of your choice. The Independent Freshman Plan assumes a student will earn approximately 30 credit hours on their own and then enroll in their graduating college as a transfer student for the remaining three years.

During the first year, students earn credits through a variety of well-accepted and approved sources. Colleges are becoming more accommodating and now offer students numerous opportunities to earn credits with more flexibility and cost savings. Unlike the situation a decade ago, the transferring of credits from one college to another and the acceptance of independently earned work has become standardized and predictable.

Good candidates for The Independent Freshman Plan include –

  • High school students wanting to earn credit before college enrollment
  • Learners desiring to study at their own pace
  • Homeschooled or other students without a traditional high school diploma or GED
  • Anyone looking for flexibility and significant cost savings during their first year of college




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