TECEP Thomas Edison College Examination Program

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TECEP exams are offered by Thomas Edison State College, which is a regionally-accredited state college in Trenton, New Jersey. Thomas Edison, along with Excelsior College, is one of the three colleges granting degrees for students accumulating credits almost entirely independently, and the TECEP program is their own Credit by Examination service.

As with the others, TECEP tests allow students to demonstrate college level knowledge through testing. Students study course material completely independently without assignments or teacher involvement. Then they register and schedule an exam at a testing center when they are prepared.

Thomas Edison State College provides information about each TECEP exam on their website. It includes a list of exam topics, study materials and practice questions. They recommend students study the textbook because their exams reflect the content of a typical college course. These tests are not assigned a letter grade and therefore do not affect a student’s grade point average.

The 21 exams are as follows:




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