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Launched in 2008, StraighterLine offers students another innovative opportunity for earning credit. They provide quality, affordable freshman-level online courses directly to students. The course material comes from McGraw-Hill and they are approved by ACE. However, they also offer the added benefit of working with a growing number of regionally-accredited colleges that directly grant college credit for successfully completed courses. Completion information can be sent to one of the partner colleges who will apply the credits directly onto their official college transcript.

StraighterLine courses are very flexible and allow students to begin each course whenever they are ready. Students set their own schedule and work at their own pace. They have personal access to online educators and advisors for instruction, tutoring and transfer guidance. There are currently 23 partner colleges that grant college credit for StraighterLine courses.

  • American Intercontinental University
  • Ashford University
  • Assumption College
  • Cappella University
  • Charter Oak State College
  • Colorado State University Global Campus
  • DeVry University
  • Florida Gateway College
  • Fort Hays State College
  • Granite State College
  • Jefferson Community and Technical College
  • Kaplan University
  • LaSalle University
  • Nazarene Bible College
  • New England College of Business
  • Potomac College
  • Thomas Edison State College
  • University of Akronx Western Governors University
  • WGU Indiana
  • American College of Dubai

Students are given three options to pay for their courses. They can pay $399 for each course or they can pay $39 per course and $99 a month for as long as they’re enrolled. They also have the option of paying $999 for an entire freshman year of courses which include up to 10 courses for 12 months. This is an entire freshman year, fully accredited, for $999 in tuition. Textbooks are additional.

Any of these payment options can provide very significant savings. If the special $999 freshman option is taken, it translates to only $33 per credit hour. This is a savings of 64% off most community colleges, 87% off the average in-state public four-year college, 95% off the tuition and fees of out-of-state publics, and a 96% savings versus the average private college.

Current course offerings include:

When students complete a StraighterLine course, they need to either send the course information to ACE for inclusion in their transcript, or to a partner college to receive credit directly. If the school where the student intends to graduate does not work with ACE, then transferring the credit to a partner college would be best. There is little risk in doing that, because as long as they are regionally accredited, the graduating institution should accept the transfer later without a problem.

Choosing which partner college to work with is up to each student. Some students choose partner colleges that have other online course offerings they are interested in taking for additional credit. They may also choose a partner college based on whether they want a pass/fail, which does not affect a student’s grade point average, or a letter grade placed on their transcript. Partner colleges record StraighterLine courses differently on their transcripts. Again, it is not particularly important, because there should not be any problems with transferring the credits from any of the partner colleges.

Students need to apply to their chosen partner college in order to receive credit. Some have application fees and some do not, and you can link through to the partner college’s admissions information via the StraigherLine site.

StraighterLine allows anyone to take their courses and has no admission requirements themselves. Students simply enroll and begin taking classes whenever they are ready. They are truly offering a creative and uncomplicated solution to help students earn college credit flexibly and affordably.




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