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Many colleges grant credit for professional licenses and certifications through ACE-recommended credit services. However, other colleges independently evaluate academic training as well, and award credit on their own. This gives students even more opportunity to accumulate credit through prior knowledge. An example of this would be ASE Certified Technicians. Northampton Community College in Pennsylvania awards 44 college credits for ASE Certified Technicians and allows students to take an additional 26 credit hours through their online courses to earn an Associate in Applied Science in Automotive Technology. Some other local community colleges also grant credit for ASE exams, but the rest of the degree will likely need to be completed on that campus.

Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey also offers college credit for ASE Certified Technician exams. In addition, they grant credit for many FAA examinations and licenses, including the Private Pilot Airplane License and Flight Dispatcher, as well as the Certified Public Accountant (CPA), hospital-based programs, Child Development Associate Certificates (CDA), Federal Emergency Management Agency courses (FEMA), and many more.

Students should explore these possibilities with any college where they may have an interest in graduating and ask if they have in the past, or will for you, grant credit for specialized training already completed or professional licenses already held. Students are receiving college credit for Police Academy Training, EMT and Paramedic Training courses, and many others.




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