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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers students several independent study courses that can be converted to college credit through a partnership with Frederick Community College in Maryland. They have partnered with the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) to offer college credit for some of the Independent Study Program (FEMA/ISP) courses. Frederick Community College is regionally accredited and grants lower division credit for more than 30 of the courses. The list of accepted FEMA/EMI courses is listed on their website. FEMA courses are free, online, independent, self-paced courses and can normally be completed in one or two days.

After a student decides which courses they would like to take, they may register for free on the FEMA website and complete the course. Students then move to Frederick Community College’s website and follow instructions for receiving college credit. Most courses qualify for one credit hour. Frederick Community College charges $77 per course for transferring them onto their regionally-accredited college transcript. This transcript can then be sent to another college at a later date.

Thomas Edison State College grants credit for these courses as well, but they do not charge their students. Students simply need to transfer their FEMA course information to the school. Students who are not enrolled with Thomas Edison State College may want to consider banking credits with them to be transferred to another college later.

Clackamas Community College in Oregon also grants credit for FEMA courses. These courses benefit students needing to fulfill a specific requirement in emergency management. However, most students use them to satisfy lower level elective credits needed for their degree.




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