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Excelsior College is a regionally-accredited state college in New York offering college level examinations in several different subjects. These tests are especially popular for students wanting to earn upper-level division credit independently through Credit by Examination. For those moving on to The Independent Junior and Independent Senior Plans, these exams may be helpful. Excelsior is actually one of the three colleges that accept almost the entire 120 hours of credit earned independently.

These tests were formally called the ACT Proficiency Examination Program (ACT PEP) and may still be referred by this name in some college Catalogs.

The Excelsior College website contains information on each exam. It provides ECE Content Guides for each exam including recommended textbooks, study guides and exam information. Exam questions are based on the listed textbooks. The textbooks are available through the Excelsior online bookstore or through other online sites supplying used books for sale or rent.

Students must register for the exam on the Excelsior website and will then receive an Authorization to Test Letter (ATT). After receipt of the ATT, they have six months to schedule and take their examination.

Excelsior College offers 24 examinations in non-nursing subjects and 17 additional tests in Nursing. Following are the non-nursing ECE exams offered, as well as the credit granted for each course. The division level and the military pass rate are also listed. The 17 Nursing exams are listed on their website.

Many students find it is relatively easy to get a “C” on ECE examinations, but “A’s” and “B’s” require more effort.

Practice tests are also available for $65 on Excelsior’s website. Students find these practice tests very beneficial because they focus on important exam content while helping students become familiar with the testing style.

Preparation Material

There are fewer commercially available study aids for ECE than for CLEP and DSST. The materials recommended in the ECE Content Guides are the best source for study, but there are a few other options to supplement those resources.

Online Resources is available for ECE exams, in addition to the CLEP and DSST. The format is the same as well as the guarantee.

Printed Material

The textbooks and other resources listed in the ECE Content Guides are the best place to go to prepare.

Full Courses

In addition to the DSST, iStudySmart courses are available for ECE.


UExcel Exams

Excelsior College and Pearson have together created an examination program called UExcel, offering computer-based tests for college credit. The tests are available at any of Pearson VUE’s 5,000 testing centers. A unique benefit to these exams is that Excelsior College, which has regional accreditation, grants college credit for the exams directly. This may benefit students who are close to the maximum amount of Credit by Examination allowed by the school where they intend to graduate. In addition, UExcel issues a letter grade, not just pass/fail as do the other services.

UExcel is new and offers only a limited number of exams at present. Each test costs $85. Free Content Guides, listing subjects covered and recommended textbooks, and $18 practice tests are available online through UExcel. Test scores are available immediately for most exams and transcripts can be requested online. The first transcript request is free.

UExcel currently offers the following seven examinations:




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