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DSST is an acronym for DANTES Subject Standardized Tests. These exams were originally developed for military personnel, but are now open to the public. DSST exams are all four-choice, multiple choice exams and some earn lower level division credit while others earn upper level division credit.

Students need to have a correct college code if they want their exam scores sent directly to a college. They can contact the school prior to taking the test to find the code number.

Below are the 38 DSST examinations including the ACE-recommended score needed to earn credit. Each exam is worth 3 credit hours. The course level and military pass rate is also listed.

Students can find information about the exams on the DSST website. They will find a DSST Fact Sheet about each exam that outlines the content and lists the books the test preparers used to create the exam questions. DSST also offers the DSST Official Test Preparation Guide containing subject overviews, exam content outlines, sample test questions and additional resources. The book is similar to the fact sheets found online.

Preparation Material

As with CLEP, there are many sources for study material for DSST exams. Students that choose to study a full textbook should use the textbooks listed in that subject’s DSST Fact Sheet. These texts can normally be found used online at sites such as TextbookX.com, Half.com, Textbooks.com, or Chegg.com. In addition to textbooks, other study aids are also available in a number of formats.

Online Resources

InstantCert.com is a very popular online study program for students taking DSST exams. They format the DSST course material the same as they format the CLEP tests. The program is very successful for DSST students and they offer the same guarantee. MisterPrep.com also offers an online study program for students taking DSST exams.

Printed Material

In addition to the listed textbooks, DSST also endorses a test preparation guide created by Peterson’s called the Official Guide to Mastering the DSST. This study guide covers the course content on DSST exams. The book does not cover every subject, but offers pretests and post-tests with detailed answers and subject reviews on the courses it does.

Finish College Fast, also called Pass the Class, offers the same type of condensed textbooks for DSST exams as they do CLEP exams. Their study material helps summarize the most important test material and comes with the same guarantee as their CLEP exams. Other sources of DSST test prep guides include ACE the DSST, Wise Owl Publications, and the National Learning Corporation.

Full Courses

DSST has endorsed and partnered with iStudySmart to provide full courses and practice tests for many of the DSST exams. Students progress through textbooks and complete assignments. Students take the DSST exam after completing a subject. Courses are $210 plus textbooks, or a student can subscribe for $99 per month.




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