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Through the efforts of the American Council on Education (ACE), there are now many more options for accumulating college credit independently, before enrolling in the school where the student intends to graduate. In the past, colleges would only accept the transfer of credit from other regionally-accredited institutions. What ACE has done is they have evaluated the courses and training opportunities of schools, businesses, associations, training institutes, labor unions, government agencies and other organizations to decide whether a program is worthy of college credit, how much college credit, and at what level.

ACE does not directly grant college credit for the coursework they review. They only provide credit recommendations to the receiving schools. It is up to individual colleges to decide whether to accept the credit and at what level. Most colleges, however, trust and follow the credit recommendations provided by ACE.

ACE performs many functions for the higher education community, in addition to the College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT). They have posted a National Guide online which alphabetically lists the courses and exams they have reviewed and recommended for college credit. The National Guide also lists approximately 900 colleges and universities that accept ACE-recommended credit and allow students to use them toward their degree. Students who choose to graduate from a college that accepts ACE-recommended courses will have many more options for accumulating credit toward their degree.

Students should check the ACE National Guide to see if any of the courses sound interesting or whether they might fulfill a course requirement. If you are an adult learner, you may have even taken some already. There are more than 200 organizations with ACE-approved training and many of these have had dozens of courses evaluated. Here is a small sample:

Students who complete an approved course should contact ACE and open an official transcript. The transcript will list the courses they take as well as the credit recommendation. For a small fee, students can request ACE to send an official transcript to any college, at any time. Again, the list of colleges accepting ACE recommendations is on their website.




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